I just take the guitar in my hands and everything happens
I think that everything comes from above so just sit down and catch the next idea
The charismatic Claudio Quartarone rightfully declares.

Claudio Quartarone is one of the most eclectic name on the guitar scene.

Claudio Quartarone's adventurous life started out in Sicily. He was born in a music lovers environment. At age eight, Claudio began to play the guitar and immediately had aspirations of being a professional guitarist. In his early age he played exclusively classical music and he has won many international guitar competitions and acclaimed by the public and guitar maestro's as an "Enfant prodige".

After this exciting period he left the guitar and become fascinated by electronic music. The years that follow are characterized by a new approach to his instrument throw jazz improvisation.

He lived in London, where he composed his first album "Even Eighth". Claudio rapresented Italy at the world meeting of School of Jazz in 2007.

In The same year Enrico Rava listened to him and the first thing he said was : "I never heard anyone playing like him". Claudio was involved by Enrico Rava in his group called "Special Edition". In this project, Claudio started playing with great musicians of Italian and international jazz scene. He imposed himself as a founder of a new way of playing guitar based on classical techniques.

During this period, he had a record deal with RaiTrade that published the albums: "Even Eighth", "The Third Boss Guitar" and "Elevator".

He delivered many ep' s expressing himself in a lot of styles including:
- The Way (2010)
- Holdstyle (2011)
- Classics (2011)
- One (2012)

Recently he has recorded the new album "Subliminal" edited by Comar23 (2012).